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Main provisions

The moment of conclusion of this Agreement shall be considered the moment the Client indicates confirmation in the "Please note that you have read and agree that your order will be executed in accordance with the terms of service of the company" in the order form. The actual consumption by the Client of the Company's services is also evidence of the acceptance by the Client of the terms of this public agreement.

Acceptance of orders.

2.1. Orders are accepted through the Instaflora website, or through any other means of communication provided on the website. All information (prices, assortment, etc.) is relevant and is constantly maintained.

2.2. An order is considered to be correctly and fully executed if the Client has provided complete information regarding the recipient of the order, as well as the contact details of the Client are correctly indicated (i.e., all required fields are filled in when placing the order).

2.3. A correctly and fully executed order of the Client is accepted for processing, execution and delivery only after receiving from the Client 100% prepayment of the cost of such an order.

2.3.1. If 3 hours before the moment of delivery of the order, a full prepayment has not been made for this order, this order is subject to cancellation or transfer to another time in agreement with the Client. If in this case the Company was unable to contact the Client in the absence of fault of the Company, the order is subject to cancellation without the consent of the Client. If only partial payment is received, order execution is suspended until full payment for the order is received.

2.3.2. In the event that the Client’s situation has developed in such a way that he cannot or for some reason does not manage to make an advance payment, the possibility and order execution order is discussed individually with the manager.

2.4. The presence of the contact telephone number of the recipient is a prerequisite for the acceptance, processing and execution of the order. An employee of the Company will contact him only in case of emergency (if the opposite was not indicated in the order form by the Client).

2.5. Fresh flowers must be included in the order. Orders that do not contain flower products (cut fresh and indoor flowers) are not accepted, and mistakenly accepted are subject to cancellation (with a refund if the order has been paid). In some cases, the execution of orders that do not contain flower products is possible only by prior agreement with the manager.

2.6. An order with the status “Paid” is considered to be fully executed and accepted for execution.

Order processing.

3.1. Each order is assigned a certain status, which indicates at what stage of registration or execution the order is at a given time.

3.2. The statuses of orders change during the operational time (working hours of the call center). For example, if the delivery time of the order is 21:00, 10.21.2020, the Client will be able to clarify the order status on 10.22.2020 from 9:00. Due to the heavy workload, the status of orders for February 14 and March 8 is changed within 48 hours from the date of its execution.

3.3. Direct picking of the order is carried out several hours before the delivery time indicated by the client, if the order has been fully executed, paid and accepted for work (see clause 2.6).

3.4. The client may change any information part of the order until the preparation of the order (see clause 3.3) in agreement with the Company. Changes in the order are considered agreed upon written confirmation by the Company.

3.5. The execution of the order may be suspended if the Client has indicated incomplete, incorrect or incorrect information about the Recipient. The order will be transferred to work after clarification of these data in the operating time of the company.

Fulfillment / delivery of orders.

4.1. Flowers and gifts are delivered throughout Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

4.2. Flowers are delivered to any place specified by the Client: at home, in a restaurant, cafe, hospital, etc.

4.3. Flowers are delivered at time intervals (see clause 4.4) from 7:00 to 22:00, daily.

4.4. Orders are delivered at time intervals. The minimum interval is 2 hours. An order for flower delivery can be completed no earlier than 3 hours after the full order has been placed. Orders for today are accepted only during operating hours.

4.5. If at the time of arrival of the courier (at the time specified by the Client or the Recipient) the Recipient was absent, the courier transfers the order to the cohabitants or neighbors (friends, acquaintances, living nearby, etc.) with a view to its further delivery to the Recipient.

4.6. If, after the courier’s arrival, it turned out that the address data provided by the Client is false (an error in the number of the house or apartment, street, if the Recipient did not live or no longer lives at the address provided), the order is considered to be completed correctly and completely. It is possible to deliver the order to a new address specified by the Client in the same city for an additional payment. In case of refusal by the Client to deliver the order to a new address, payment for the order is not refundable.

4.7 The company reserves the right to contact the recipient in case of emergency.

5. If the order has not been executed in whole or in part due to the fault of the Company, the Client has the right to demand compensation, or it can be executed as soon as possible by agreement with the Client. The amount of compensation may not exceed the value of the order.

6. The Company disclaims liability for possible direct or indirect harm / damage (including moral) that may be caused as a result of the execution of the Customer’s order (allergy to flowers or food (if available in the order) at the Recipient, the Client’s quarrel with the Recipient - for the order or its features, etc.

7. The Company is not liable to the Client (payer) if the payment service with which the Client pays for the order violates the terms of the contract or establishes additional fees.

8. The agreement between the Client and the Company is valid from the moment of its conclusion until the time the service is performed. The moment of the service is considered the moment of delivery of the goods ordered by the Client to the Recipient.

9. In its work, the Company is guided by the Return Policy, Privacy Policy, Quality Policy, which are integral parts of this Agreement.

10. The company reserves the right to change any information posted on the site without prior warning, which takes effect from the moment it is published on the corresponding page of the site.

11. Cancellation of Buyer's actions

Each buyer who has submitted an offer to buy flowers, plants, ornamental plants, flower bouquets and flower arrangements and is interested in canceling his offer must inform the company about this within one hour from the moment the order was sent (or from the moment the company made a phone call). If the order must be completed on another day, a cancellation notice can be sent 5 hours before the order is executed during the call center working hours (from 8:00 to 20:00). The cancellation process must be completed both orally and in writing. Therefore, to cancel the order, call the company’s call center and at the same time send an email to info@instaflora.net .. The order can be canceled until the company and / or someone else on its behalf have prepared a bouquet or any other item from a placed order.