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Refund policy

1. A complaint about an order may be accepted for consideration if it is submitted within 24 hours from the moment the order is completed.

The procedure for the interaction of the Company with the Client in the event of a complaint:

2.1. The client sends a complaint to info@instaflora.net. Anonymous complaints with an incorrect order number, containing profanity, as well as offensive language are not considered.

2.2. The Company notifies the Client of the receipt of the complaint within 24 hours (24 hours), after which it conducts an internal investigation of the situation within no more than 10 business days from the receipt of the complaint. After the investigation, the Company gives the Client a reasoned response to his claim.

2.3. Complaints about quality and freshness must necessarily contain photographs. Photos sent after 24 hours from the moment of order execution are not considered. Photos must be sent to info@instaflora.net.

2.4. Consideration of a complaint may be suspended due to profanity, lack of response from the Client within 10 days, absence or provision of a photograph not in due time (if a photograph is needed to review the complaint).

The reasons for the moment of return.

3.1. Poor product or lack of all components of the order:

3.1.1. If, at the time of delivery of the order to the Recipient, the flowers were not fresh (quality policy), the Client has the right to replace the delivered flower arrangement. * Photographs must be attached to the complaint (see clause 2.3), according to which determine the condition of the flowers on the day the order is received.

3.1.2. If any other component, except the flowers, has a poor quality appearance, it is subject to free replacement.

3.1.3. In the absence of any component in the order, the Company delivers the missing component of the order to the Recipient free of charge. This item does not apply to free services of the Company. **

3.1.4. Floral arrangements that have been modified according to the replacement policy are deemed to have been completed properly and composed according to the claimed composition of the floral arrangement.

3.2. Failure to fulfill obligations regarding the service:

3.2.1. The Company makes no warranties regarding the photograph of the Recipient with flowers or gifts at the time of delivery. The order is considered to be completed correctly and completely, even if such a photograph was not taken (or taken in poor quality) and if it was not indicated on the order form by the Client.

3.2.2. The company does not give any guarantees regarding the delivery of SMS and email notifications. The reasons for not delivering SMS messages can be the following: operator’s refusal to receive SMS, overflowed memory of the Client’s phone, incorrectly indicated phone number in the order form, etc. The reasons for not delivering the email message may be as follows: the Client’s mailbox is full, the client’s email address is incorrect, the presence of filters that do not miss the message, etc.

Refund procedure:

4.1. Refunds are made on the next banking day from the date of the decision on the refund.

4.2. In the event that a refund is made by returning a payment from a debit or credit card (which was made on the site automatically, using acquiring systems), the funds are received on the Client’s card within 30 days from the moment of the return (item 4.1.)

4.3. If the Company made a refund on erroneous payment details provided by the Client, the refund shall be deemed made if there are facts or documents confirming the return of the Company specifically on the details provided by the Client.

5. The parties are released from obligations under this Agreement due to force majeure circumstances.

* - because the company cannot control the storage conditions of flowers after they are served - a quality complaint can only be accepted within 24 hours from the moment the order is completed.

** - for example, the note cannot be exchanged or delivered, even if the courier did not hand it in for any reason.