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Delivery flowers Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, our floral delivery agency named Instaflora that operates with the website Instaflora.net works for many years. We have a wide network of agents, warehouses, greenhouses, and farms, which altogether allow us to make the flower delivery Kazakhstan on time and serving many locations. We work with such cities and their suburbs: Almaty, Nursultan (which is also spelled as Nur-Sultan – former Astana, the capital), Shymkent, Aktobe, Karaganda, Taraz, Semey, Pavlodar, Oskemen, Atyrau, and others. All these cities on the list have gained in the amount of population during the past 20 years (since the last population census, with three of them now having over 1 million people of population, whilst only 1 such city, Almaty, was in 1999). So the market for flower delivery Kazakhstan has also grown substantially. 

We work to serve 18 million population of the country as well as we can. Before selecting the flower or bouquet you’d like to send, make sure to pick a city or region you would like to make the delivery to – as the available options for different regions may change.

Work with the best, choose our flower delivery Kazakhstan

So, you are in Kazakhstan or not, in some of its cities or not, and you would like to send flower in Kazakhstan. That is possible; everyone in the world can do that. Most of our clients do not reside in those countries to which they’re sending flowers, and Kazakhstan is not an exception.

To make sure your receiver gets flowers on time, it is advisable to work only with the best service in the country – ours. But not only we provide the delivery straight when and where it’s needed – we also make sure our address delivery gives you fresh and intact flowers, looking the same beautifully as on the pages of our website. Flower delivery Kazakhstan never makes our clients deceived, and that is why you can always rely on us in quality.

Send flower Kazakhstan, make your beloved happy

Our agency of flower delivery in Kazakhstan makes sure your receiver has the best florets and bouquets on the Kazakh market. Below, we are telling you what each flower in the set means.

Roses. These flowers are universal and suit anyone and any occasion – which is great if you don’t know the preferences of a person you’re sending flowers to and can’t find it out. Each color of a rose has its own meaning, though, the same as it applies to other kinds of flowers in our service of flower delivery to Kazakhstan. White roses are a symbol of purity and innocence. Red roses are about love, passion, and carnal feelings. Bordeaux roses are about deep involvement or showing your sorrow, the same as fading feelings. Yellow roses are about passion, zeal, energy, and the state of being ‘in crush with somebody’; they really suit the younger generation who don’t yet want to know all heaviness of adulthood. Orange roses are about showing enthusiasm and passion to work or to some project. Black roses are suitable to depict sorrow. Green ones are to underline the unusualness of a person or your feelings to him or her.

Tulips. You can send flower to Kazakhstan and that can be tulip – as the symbol of happiness, hope, and admiration with life and with what it gives. Also, you can give tulips to a person of grand glory or pride, as well as to underline he or she is a great lover. 

Orchid. This is to underline a person’s wisdom, aristocratism, and refinement. And you can give it to your spouse to underline the family coziness you’re having.

Lilies. They are about beauty, tranquility, and hope. 

Gerberas are about a hint at flirtation with someone, as well as they are about some secret, smile, and easiness – they are simple florets, easy as Forget-me-not, which do not really obligate to anything. 


Thank you very much for the flower delivery. Beautiful. Fresh. Delivery on time. I ordered for the first time.
Thank you so much for your service !! It is wonderful that even from abroad you can freely congratulate a person dear to you! Everything is very professional, fast and with a soul! Even a photo report was sent
The first time I ordered to win my heart, thanks mum, I'm happy, I'm happy !!! I’m your client for ages
You can work with these guys. Flowers are always delivered fresh, on time they did not fail. It's nice that there are people who can congratulate my wife on my behalf.