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Delivery flowers Hungary

How to order flowers to Hungary? There are several rules that must be followed when presenting a bouquet in person or which you can buy from our delivery agency for a nice cost. 

First, you should remove all the unnecessary protective wrapping in advance, unless it is intended as an inseparable decoration. It is better to give a bouquet with the left hand, so your right one is free for a handshake. A voluminous bouquet may be presented with two hands – but make sure a receiver isn’t too fragile to accept such a bouquet from our service of flower delivery to Hungary and can handle it. You’ll also need to think in advance what words to accompany the delivery of flowers (or what to write in an accompanying card). It can be a poetic greeting or a sincere compliment. But be sure to indicate a sender in a card so you can be easily recognized even though the bouquet is handed by a courier of our agency of flower delivery in Hungary. When handing flowers, look directly & friendly at the recipient and smile – if you’re doing it in person.

Order flowers Hungary minding the odd/even number depending on the age

How many flowers to give? On the territory of CIS and closer countries, it is a rule that a festive composition should have an odd amount of flowers, whilst a funeral bouquet should have an even number. But that’s not the case in Hungary today, at least, fewer and fewer people stick to that, so order flowers in Hungary considering that rule when you’re giving flowers to elderly people and forget it when presenting to someone young, no matter what’s the price is. 


I chose them because of the rave reviews, and they did not disappoint! The spray was as beautiful in real life as it was on the website, and was delivered on time with fresh, vibrant flowers.
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Quality service, fresh flowers. Thank you so much!
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