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Delivery flowers Belarus

In Belarus, people love flowers. Have you seen Belarusian women with flowers? They shine on their faces and in entire bodies when they are given pretty bouquets – as they underline the prettiness of local women. So if you have a Belarusian woman amongst your friends, you definitely have to give her such a fragrant present as soon as you can – to see her smile and eyes blossom with rejoicing. 

One of the biggest advantages of our flower delivery Belarus service is that we accept orders from all over the world, and we have absolutely no requirement that a flower sender should reside in Belarus or any of its cities. You can live anywhere – as soon as your bank card is accepted by our system on the site to make payment with. And as we do accept most cards of the world, we are almost assured you will have no problems with that issue.

Flower delivery Belarus service is the company you can trust

When we do the flower delivery Belarus, we focus on such principles:

  • Trust: all our clients can trust us in the terms of payment, the real look of flowers we deliver and that it completely corresponds to the picture on the website, as well as the delivery on time
  • Completeness: you will never find your flowers and supporting gifts not delivered to a receiver or delivered not in full
  • Transparency: the price you pay is indicated on the site and is not subject to change in the midst of your way from selecting to paying. All taxes and akin are already included in the price you see on the screen
  • Tracking: you can track where your consignment is at the time
  • Feedback: when the flowers are handled by our agency of flower delivery Belarus to a recipient, you, as a sender, will get notified.

All those advantages allow us to stay best from year to year.

This is how to send flower to Belarus

To make the flower delivery in Belarus, a sender has to come to our website and choose the city of the delivery. We work with dozens of large and small cities of Belarus, fully covering them thanks to such factors:

  1. Greatly branched network, which includes our own employees and associated companies and collaborators, all helping us with the logistics
  2. The warehouse system. We grow most of our merch in Belarus, as flowers are such a perishable product that would unlikely live through import/export (except for the countries where things are nearly automated and super-fast, for instance, The Netherlands, which are the world’s largest exporter of tulips)
  3. Amazing responsibility of our flower delivery to Belarus service and employees on all stages that face clients and work at satisfying clients’ needs. Thanks to that, we nearly always can deliver flowers to the specified address within a minute-precise time range, which makes us stand out from the crowd. 

To send flower Belarus, define the auxiliary things: information about the sender and receiver (phones, names, and the address of the latter), pick the words that are to be written on the gift postcard. And make the selection from additions to your main gift. These are sweets, air balloons, confectionery, decorations, and adornments. To send flower in Belarus, pay for the selected batch of services and products with your card as you usually pay in any other online shop (doing it completely securely thanks to https protocol and the one-time code), and your order will immediately proceed to formation stage.

Stay well and make your gifts with the best service of flower delivery in Belarus!


Thank you so much for your service !! It is wonderful that even from abroad you can freely congratulate a person dear to you! Everything is very professional, fast and with a soul! Even a photo report was sent
The first time I ordered to win my heart, thanks mum, I'm happy, I'm happy !!! I’m your client for ages
You can work with these guys. Flowers are always delivered fresh, on time they did not fail. It's nice that there are people who can congratulate my wife on my behalf.
Thanks a lot to instaflora.net for the quality of flowers and the speed of delivery to any city. Thank you for being !!! Successful prosperity of your company !!!